APA Atlanta presents A Hundred Beatuiful Things


3 of my images have been selected for a juried show and silent auction in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography. A Hundred Beautiful Things features work from members of the Atlanta chapter of Advertising Photographers of America. Exhibition is Friday Oct 2 from 7 to 11 at Chris Stanford Studio 211 Walker Street Atlanta, GA 30313. Auction will take place from 7:30 to 9:30. I am planning on being at the opening and hope to see all my ATL friends there. Click here for more info and directions.

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Image in Kaenon Polarized catalog

Kaenon Polarized of Newport Beach, CA has chosen on of my photos to run in their Holiday 2009 mini-catalog. The image is of PGA tour champion Robert Allenby, one of Kaenon’s sponsored athletes,  taken at the 2009 Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens, FL earlier this year. The mini-catalog will have a print run of 10,000 copies and be distributed nationally where Kaenon sunglasses are sold.

The greatest part is I am a daily user of Kaenon sunglasses. Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about the product and the company. I wear their Rhinos and am impressed with the performance of the lens and the fit of the frames. As a lifelong wearer of sunglasses, I have been through them all, from the cheap $10 pair (NOT RECOMMENDED!) to the $500 pair fashion frames (not recommended either as it’s tough to keep track of such an expensive piece of gear that you use on a daily basis) and can honestly say that Kaenons strike the perfect balance of fit and function. Not to mention I get a bit of street cred with the cool frames. It’s nice when you work with a company where the respect flows both way.


image of Robert Allenby featured in Kaenon Polarized 2009 Holiday mini-catalog

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Dallas Friday photo shoot

Once in a while I get an assignment that has been intriguing me for some time but I have never had the chance to shoot. One phone call and email, I get one of those chances.

“The shoot is for Dallas Friday, a native Orlando girl and world champion wakeboarder. We need you to shoot a portrait and get some action of her competing.”

“Cool. No problem. How much time?”

“There’s media day at the park before the competition and some time during. That’s about all I know.”

“OK. Make sure we’re set up for media day and I’ll take care of the rest.”

So that is how it went for my next assignment, which is more than I usually get to be honest. Most editors will just tell you the subject’s name and give you some email address, which unvariably  winds up being someone who knows absolutely NOTHING about the subject or the shoot request.

“Oh yeah, ummm you want to shoot who? I dont know anything about that. Have you talked her manager?”

“I was told you were her manager.”

“Ah nah, that’s not me. That’s uh, oh yeah ummm Katie but I don’t have her phone number on me.”

And thats the usual life of a editorial photographer. But not in this case. There were a few complications but nothing like the usual. I arrived at the location and at least they were expecting me and were aware of the shoot. Check. One down.

I’m then informed that she is on her way and about 10 mins out. Great. Check. Two down. So I’ll just go and set up my lights and find some suitable backgrounds. Check. Final check.

I guess I can’t really count this as a complication, because, well EVERY editorial shoot is racked with these types of complications. But OK, which ones might you be asking? Well… let’s see.

The shoot was scheduled between 1 and 3. Great light. Awesome. I cant wait to play with all that harsh afternoon Florida light.

Two, the location itself. Plagued with complications as far as backgrounds goes. Wires, tires, boats, ramps, cars, grand stands, you name it man and it was blocking a shot. Except this one little patch of lake bank whose pitch put me slightly below her and a great stand of water oaks and Florida scrub brush behind to block everything else out. At least the sun direction worked with my proposed lighting scheme. So now the initial idea of making her this cool hometown hero turned international superstar who was still down to earth worked out. Grass, trees and harsh Florida midday sunlight all spell Orlando and hometown vibe. In all honesty, this was the only shot to be had at this location. Usually though, even with the given location nightmare backdrops, you can manage at least 2 to 3 different set ups. But, seriously, this was it.

Action followed. We hopped on the boat with a driver and spotter, who turned out to be none other than Amber Wing, who is a superstar in her own right. Off we go down the course for a couple of passes all while Dallas is pulling tricks and testing the wake. There were two transitions set up but I think she might have only hit them once or twice. And that was OK by me. I was there for the big air. And some big air is what I got…

Strobist info: 3 Broncolor Impacts powered by a White Lightning Vagabon and triggered by Pocket Wizards

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Powerboat Magazine coverage

Coverage of the Miami Boat Show Poker Run in Powerboat Magazine online with photos

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Fountain of Youth, Canadian Turf Horse Race and the importance of mistakes

Today I got to shoot horse racing for the first time. As with every sport, there is so much to know in order to make a good great image. Those foolish enough to think that all you have to do is have long glass and push the button are sorely mistaken. I was one of those fools who almost fell into that trap. Almost…

I arrived at the track early enough to find parking, get my credential and observe a few races before the my coverage was to begin. Looking at the track, I was thinking “There is it. Sit there, AI servo and fire away down the home stretch.”


I can tell you that not only is your placement all important, but so is knowing your gear. It is pounded into out heads all the time. Shoot more. Make mistakes. In the end, the real objective is to become so familiar with your gear that you are able to look through your viewfinder, track your focus and make sure that your meter isnt picking up some crazy reading and ruining the shot.

Shooting more = making more mistakes. Making more mistakes =  learning from them. Learning from your mistakes = being a professional. Being a professional = my job.

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Miaim Boat Show Poker Run

After checking out the new hardware at the show, it was time to see them in action. FAST. And from the air.

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Miami Boat Show

Man, talk about strange.

I’ve been covering the Miami Boat show for a number of years. And this year was very different. Walking through the halls of the Convention Center and displays, there was an overriding sense of… emptiness. Empty booths, empty aisles, empty parking lot, you get the picture. Well, keep in mind, this is all relative. There were still people and manufacturers and vendors, just not as many. At one point, I thought that there had to be something going on somewhere else.

With that being said, there were still some  impressive hardward on display. Midnight Express had an awesome hardshell with 5, yes 5 (!) Mercury Racing 350 outboards.

And MTI had three impressive new cats. Most impressive was Albert Haynesworth’s new 44 with the crazy molten skull paint. Yeah, that Albert Haynesworth, who is now the highest paid defensive lineman in the NFL, who seemingly is unaffected by the current economic state and appearently loves to go very fast over the water.

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